Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lynda Barry Lecture

Lynda Barry was without a doubt the best lecturer all year! She was hilarious, quirky, unique, and inspirational at the same time. She was engaging and very easy to pay attention to. For once, I was actually interested in the lecture hour and didn't fall asleep! The audience was roaring with laughter bringing some to tears! Lynda grew up on a farm in Wisconsin, went to a small school (through a scholarship) and learned a lot about narrative writing. Her big overall question of the lecture was "What is an image?" Her definition went something like this: something that triggers in your mind from immediate thoughts. Right away, I noticed her passion and drive - she absolutely loves being a cartoonist. Her book is a graphic novel that is part memoir, part collage and part workbook in which Lynda instructs her readers in methods to open up their own creativity. She stressed the imagination and how to, in a sense, revert back to a child's mind because children have very active imaginations. At the end of the lecture, she did something a little unexpected! Lynda belted out a song without moving her lips! Everyone gave her a much deserved standing ovation!

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